Cam Press Model 612

Technical specifications

Machine 612

Number of stations 13

Number of rams 12+1 (slave)

Capacity approx. on any one ram 6 tons with standard cams except slaves

Maximum shell height

Standard stroke cams 4 1/4″ (107mm)

Shell height 2″ (50mm)

High lift stroke cams

Shell height

Standard ram pitch 3 1/4” (82mm)

Maximum Blank Diameter

Single row blanking 2.95” (75mm)

Double row blanking 2.95” (75mm)

Motor 25HP 19Kw

Speed range per minute 40-130*

Standard stroke cams

Approximate floor space (excluding decoiler) 113” x 58” (2870x1473mm)

Approximate height 113” (2870mm)

Approximate weight 20045lbs (9100kg)

* Machine speed range stated is approximate; production rates are dependant on load, material and component configuration.

Pitch centres on certain machines can be reduced, increasing the number of stations available.

Shell height can be increased on certain machines by means of ram extenders.

On some machines certain blank diameters can be increased by fitting blank & cup units and / or wider transfer slides.

The above particulars are not binding and Platarg reserve the right to alter them as they see fit.

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