Broach Technical Services

Pharos Broach Technical Services


Over 100 years experience in design, maintenance and performance of Broach Machinery and Spline Rolling equipment


BTS was established in 2003 to fill the gap created by the closure of broaching specialist
Lapointe International.

BTS support customers all over the world, providing full consultancy and technical support program for hardware and software for all types of broaching machines and associated items, including control systems and ancillary equipment.

A particular highlight is the specification, supply and integration of high torque, high precision servo-controlled rotary indexing tables.

In addition Pharos BTS offers full rebuild and upgrading service for all types of Broach Technology.

The support of Spline Rolling Machines with special emphasis on Marands also remains a speciality.

Pharos BTS is based in it’s own facility in Chesham near London. It complements other parts of the Pharos Group which are involved in the design and manufacture of Fir Tree Form Aerospace Broaches and advanced Gear Tooling.




Flexible Maintenance Contracts are a Pharos BTS innovation. Already companies throughout the world are experiencing the benefits of maintaining their valuable plant and equipment in a controlled and appropriately timed manner.

The Pharos BTS team continues to be heavily involved in updating of Broach Machine Control Systems.

It is believed that the Pharos BTS Software Development experience is second to none.

Pharos BTS Engineers are capable of quickly establishing that a machine is not performing well and will, if necessary, Laser Set Machines back to the standards against which it was originally built.

Repair work that may be necessary can usually be carried out at times convenient to a customer’s own programme. Flexibility is seen to be a key element of the service offered by Pharos BTS.

At any one time Pharos BTS can have engineers operating around the World. It is normal that Pharos Engineers can get to a customer’s premises as soon as a flight is available.




Pharos BTS can supply the latest Walter Servo Indexing RotaryTables, covering any size from 95 mm (3.75”) up to 1500mm (60”) diameter.

Pharos BTS consider The Walter Indexer, made in Germany, to be the best rotary table in the world for use in the broaching of aerospace and power turbine generator discs. Please ask to be put in touch with our end users for unbiased feedback on the performance of Walter equipment.

Pharos has the worldwide rights to specify and sell the Walter Index Head for aerospace broaching purposes.

Pharos BTS will generate a specification based on the intended use for a table, resulting in the supply of a product that fully meets a customer’s needs. Details including footprint, work holder arrangements and the specific machine on which a table is to be installed will be clarified when an order is to be placed.

The Walter Indexer and BTS offer :


• Rotary tables with very high precision and clamping torques for aerospace and power generation industries

• Can be supplied with any type of servomotor

• Can be supplied with complete drive packages fully interfaced with a customer’s machine to give a turnkey solution


BTS offers :


All indexer repairs incuding servo, stepper and change-gear types

To return a worn indexer to as-new tolerances

Worms and wheels can be replaced or repaired

Clamp components can be replaced or upgraded

A full report service to define the work required for a strip-down.

A full torque test performed on any renovated indexer.

A full indexer accuracy test performed with hardcopy report of results for inspection.


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