Pharos Platarg is the World leader in deep drawn and transfer press technology.

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We’ve been at the cutting edge of machine press technology since 1950. As you read this, thousands of Platarg hydraulic eyelet presses, cam presses, eccentric presses and punch presses are running continuously across the World, manufacturing precise parts rapidly and economically.

The presses are manufacturing battery cans, packaging and containers for the cosmetics or pharmaceutical industry, or automotive parts – in fact any repetitive high quantity requirement pressed from metal.

Buying a metal forming press from us is only the start of our relationship. We overhaul, service, upgrade, repair, refurbish, rebuild, part exchange and retrofit machine presses to suit your requirements. We provide new and used presses as well as spare parts. We also train users.

As a company grows and tooling needs increase, many users choose to install our electronic roll feed system, cutting manual labour requirement, human error and wastage as well as maximising machine throughput potential.

New presses

Platarg’s Multiple Ram Transfer Presses differ from conventional presses. A blank is stamped out of the infeeding material, transferred in transfer fingers through the press and ejected as a finished component.

New Cam Presses

Platarg’s cam ‘C’ series covers a comprehensive range of 6 presses including:

Model 312

Model 612

Model 814

Model 912

Model 917

Model 1013

These are standard specifications only.  We can tailor to your exact requirements.

We also sell used and refurbished presses with Pharos Platarg’s unique guarantee.

The Cam ‘C’ series transfer presses are ideal for deep drawn components.

The greater the length / diameter ratio and the more auxilary operations there are, such as Side piercing, Lettering, Trimming, Bulging, Knurling, Flange rolling, Beading, Pattern and Threadrolling the greater the cost advantage.

All of this can be done on the press.

Eccentric Presses

Platarg’s Eccentric ‘E’ series covers a comprehensive range of 5 presses…

These include the 512 and 714 high speed models that can produce deep drawn parts at up to 200 per minute. They are designed with finesse for lightweight parts and strength for heavy duty parts.

Model 512

Model 714

Model 2511

Model 2513

Model 3010

These are standard specifications only.  We can tailor to your exact requirements.

Press technology development

Balanced – The most striking feature of these presses is the multiple ram design which minimises the out of balance deflection that can occur in single ram presses due to uneven loading.

Compact – Adjacent rams may be out of phase approximately 7 degrees reducing the maximum frame load. Consequently the ‘E’ series presses are very compact – relative to their tonnage capacities.

Easier installation – Accessibility is good, installation being simplified in that no part of the press requires positioning below ground level.

Customer support


Our customers’ engineers can be trained in:

  • Press mechanics and maintenance
  • Press electrics
  • Tool design
  • Tool manufacture
  • Tool training and setting on the press
  • Extended training is also available

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Why cut corners on tooling? Platarg provide cutting edge tooling design, development and manufacture to the same standard as our world-renowned machinery

Press service and inspection

We provide Technical, mechanical and electrical support worldwide and full on-site inspection of your press condition,  Down-time can be costly in terms of both lost production and resultant delay to lead times.

We can visit your premises to review your requirements and provide a detailed condition report of your machines.  Let us work together in planning any maintenance work and ensuring the correct spares are available prior to any problems occurring.

Our objective is to provide our customers with total support through:
– Press Spares service – available from the factory and selected international agents (24-72 hr delivery).

– Sending our Service / Tooling Engineers to customers – worldwide.

– Advice on any operational or technical query – directly over the telephone or by e-mail.

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Deep drawn and transfer metal forming applications for Platarg presses

Platarg presses are used worldwide throughout the manufacturing industries. Applications are innumerable, but the need is always common… to produce a high quantity of identical components in copper, stainless steel, aluminium or other metal or alloy, to critical tolerances and precise specifications.


Presses and tooling to manufacture miniature motor housings, valve stems, cigar lighters, hose ferrules, petrol filter bodies, quick connect connectors, airbag and ABS parts

Battery cans

We supply presses, tooling and further automation to all major battery manufacturers.

Pharmaceutical packaging

Presses and tooling to manufacture aluminium aerosol bottles, caps and stainless steel stems


We supply presses and tooling custom built to make lipstick containers and perfume bottle caps

Pens and writing instruments

Deep drawn presses are perfectly suited to mass-produce pens and pen refills, lids and caps, barrels and ball point end tips

Needle bearing cases and heavy duty parts

We are only too happy to provide the perfect press, tooling and automation specification for any requirement. We supply all major manufacturers of pressed metal needle bearing cases and heavy duty parts such as plumbing and heating components.


We custom build and supply presses and tooling to manufacture electrical light and lamp fittings, television parts, screening cans, as well as electronic components and their housing.

Household and specialist products

We supply presses and tooling to manufacture white goods as well as plumbing and heating components.

Pharos Platarg factory refurbish, rebuild, recondition, retrofit and upgrade used machine presses. We currently have used and refurbished Platarg presses for sale

Models currently available include:
312, 512, 612, 814, 912, 1013, 712, 2511, 2513, 3010, 815, 916, 713 and 3013.

Pharos Platarg can rebuild your existing machine press, transforming it to the latest specification to suit new or changing requirements.

All our machines are built to exacting standards to avoid trouble and downtime. With every new, used, rebuilt or reconditioned press comes Platarg’s unique guarantee of satisfaction.

CNC Controlled

Platarg’s Panelview operator screen is engineered for maximum performance and features brilliant colour graphic capabilities. The programmable logic controller (PLC) with custom-written management software can control and monitor many features of the press.

Press running speed – infinately variable through range, programmable using keypad interface.

Press setup and running data – memory storage for individual jobs allows fast setup.

Electronic roll feed control – keypad entry of blank size and strip width, PLC calculates economical punch pattern and controls zig-zag roll feed

Batch control – component counting with automatic switch off when batch is completed and screen graphic display of progress

Tool and press protection – automatic press shtdown and alarm when fault is detected, with on screen display of fault location

Alarm history – retains history of faults in memory so that patterns or recurring faults can be investigated and corrected for reduced down time

Self diagnostic facility and modem connection for online service backup by Platarg

Comprehensive press management system controls lubrication, monitors air and coolant pressure as well as safety interlocks

PLC software complies with European standard IEC 1131-3

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Nothing makes components faster, better or cheaper than a Platarg Press.